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Everyday Eats (and thoughts on weight loss): Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Can we talk about dieting and weight loss for a few minutes here, before we discuss my food for the day?

These things are really hard.

They are not convenient.

They take a lot of work.

When you add working out into the equation, it gets a whole helluva lot harder.

You have to find time for your workout.

If you’re lifting, like me, you have to learn how to properly execute your lifts.

You have to watch the scale go up as you retain water, and keep reassuring yourself that even though you’re not seeing results, you’re going to eventually get them.

You have to struggle through making your out-of-shape body do things that it’s never done before, when you’re surrounded by people who are throwing around barbells like they’re Arnold Schwarzenegger, and you’re trying to not feel self-conscious.

It’s been a rough week, guys. I’m not trying to whine. It’s just incredibly frustrating. I was thinking about writing this post earlier this morning, and I figured I would just vent to a friend instead of posting something negative. Then I thought about it some more, and I realized – I’m probably not the only one here who feels this way.

I have lost almost 60 lbs (2 to go) in almost a year (2 more weeks).

I feel elated that I have lost so much weight.

I feel depressed that I still have so far to go.

I am upset with myself for not losing more weight in a year.

I am really happy with how dedicated I have been to working out (dude, I love yoga, and I have been to the gym religiously 3x a week since purchasing my membership, other than when I was recovering from MRSA).

I hate fighting with my body. I hate how my stomach gets in my way when I try to do certain yoga poses. I hate that I don’t have the balance to squat unassisted. I felt so damn awkward today trying to deadlift, and I still couldn’t properly execute it. But I’m going to keep trying.

It is okay to feel these things, I think. I have very complicated feelings about my body image, but I am doing this primarily for my health, so I won’t be stuck immobile in a nursing home with a broken pelvis when I’m 83. I think it’s reasonable to believe that many of you are on this journey alongside me for the same reason. I just wanted to validate some feelings here – it’s okay. Keep trucking on. We’re going to make it. We can only get better from here.

And so after a long and exhausting week where I managed to stick to my workouts but ate off-plan for several days, I am back with my keto food log.



CB and I are thinking about trying to lift fasted on MWF.  The guys over at ketogains recommend it, and I wanted to give it a shot.  Today was our first day doing so.  I didn’t feel limited by the lack of food in my system, but dude, when we got done, I was ravenous.  I went home and threw together this salmon salad – one 5 oz packet of salmon, two tablespoons of mayo, a squirt of mustard, and some Old Bay and black pepper.  I ate it spread across two light & crisp Wasa crackers.  It was delicious and thoroughly hit the spot.  I’m already thinking about when I can eat it again!



We had the old easy standby for dinner – bunless bacon cheeseburgers and buttery broccoli.  I make this often when I don’t feel like doing a lot of work.  I actually fix the burgers and the bacon both in the oven, at the same time.  I preheat the oven to 400, pat out the burger patties, and lay them on a cookie sheet along with the bacon.  They’re done in 20 minutes, and then I add the cheese slices and stick the whole thing back under the broiler for a couple of minutes while the broccoli finishes steaming in the microwave, just to melt the cheese and crisp the bacon.

In the little condiment cup, I mixed together 1 tablespoon of mayo, 1 tablespoon of reduced sugar ketchup, and a squirt of mustard.  I like to dip forkfuls of the burger into it.



After dinner, Meemaw and I went out to rehab to visit Sugarbandit for a little bit.  When we got home, I was feeling a little hungry plus I knew I needed some more protein (I wasn’t yet at my goal, and since I lifted today I felt like it was important to meet or surpass it).  I’m not too terribly fond of CB’s protein shakes, so I went searching for a protein mug cake recipe.  I found one for a “protein brownie” that was relatively low in calories, so I decided to try it.

I do not recommend.  It overflowed the mug, did not cook thoroughly, and didn’t taste very good.  I garnished it with some Reddi Wip and ate it anyway, but I will not be making that recipe again.  Maybe I should try to figure one out.  Or maybe I just really dislike protein powder.  I don’t know.



As you can see, I stayed below my calorie goal, hit my protein goal, and was below 20g net carbs.  So today was a pretty good day.  My macros came out to 59/36/6, which are decent.  I am hoping that keeping very strict keto these next few weeks will help me reach my goal of -60 by my 1 year ketoversary.  We shall see!

Does anyone else have as complicated feelings on weight loss as I do?  Or am I just being unnecessarily whiny?

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  1. I’m down about 40 lbs since May ’13, and a good 30 since Jan. I had some stressors in my life and jumped ship last year for a while. Suddenly I stopped getting hungry this year; yesterday was the first time I’ve tracked in awhile, and I got a whopping 500-600 cals for the day. I had a hardboiled egg for breakfast and dinner, and a deli salad and beer for lunch. I’m still sticking semi-lowcarb, even if I’m not tracking every day or under 20g/day, I’m still by no means hitting “average”.

    1. Thanks so much for responding to this post, Mariah. Weight loss is certainly not a linear journey. And I know I can’t be the only one out there who doesn’t stay strictly below 20g of net carbs, although that’s primarily what I see people preaching/bragging about on the keto subreddits I frequently. I am imperfect, and I would go mad if I stuck to such a strict diet. I love beans and potatoes and beer too much! Being on keto has definitely made me perceive carbs differently – eating 100g+ seems insane to me, when I know the average American does several times that.

      Man. Beer for lunch. Maybe I need to do that tomorrow :P I LOVE pumpkin beer, and tis the season…

  2. Complicated doesn’t even begin to describe it. I lost 40lbs in 3 months, I didn’t tell anyone I was dieting because I know what happens next…and after losing that much I couldn’t hide it so it happened anyway. Once everyone knows that’s all anyone wants to talk about especially my Mother. Now when I go to a family get together everyone just freaks out trying to cater to what I can and can’t eat…but they really don’t get it so what should be sweet is actually really frustrating. The last time we went from meatballs and a salad (which my Grandmother had already made and I told her it was fine) to getting take out…so they spent 20mins hassling the pizza guy so they could get me an unbreaded chicken parm sandwich. It was a massive hero! If you put bread in front of me I want it but now everyone is staring at me so I can’t make anything but the right decision to just scoop out the insides and eat it. I resent that. I don’t want to do the right thing because you’re all pressuring me, I have to do the right thing because that’s what I want to do. The big bright spotlight is on me now and the pressure is grating.

    Plus I hate compliments. I don’t hear “you look great” I hear “thank god you lost some weight because you looked so bad before.” I’m doing this for my health not to fit into your notion of what is attractive so shove it. I gained back 5lbs and I’ve been stalled for the last 3 months so the compliments are really driving me nuts now..I haven’t changed at all I don’t look any thinner so stop saying that. I really just want everyone to mind their business and leave me alone. I read this book and it helped a lot…just knowing that someone out there thinks like me was a relief…The Unapologetic Fat Girl’s Guide to Exercise and other Incendiary Acts by Hanne Blank

    I think getting my head straight so I stop falling off plan and adding exercise will help me get past this stall…I read Body by you at the library, I think I’m going to order a copy for myself and try that.

  3. I have been reading over your recipes and a few other pages to try and figure you out… I just started on my ketosis diet and just doing some research on how people are coping with it… Is it easy for them, is it hard for them, are they actually losing weight…. I am assuming you have been successful with this way of eating since you keep doing it??? I have to say, I am astonished at the amount of fat in this diet. I am literally on day one, so I definitely have an uphill journey. Thank you for your wonderful recipes.

    1. Welcome to my site and welcome to keto!!

      No drastic diet change is ever “easy.” I still struggle with this lifestyle. However, I have found low carb, high fat to be far more sustainable than a low fat diet. I am satiated much easier and food just seems far more luxurious when I am permitted to have cheese, butter, chocolate, etc. I still eat things like french fries and tortilla chips and salsa – my weaknesses – but I eat them FAR more rarely than before. They are treats, not diet staples. Because I do occasionally eat “normal” food, I have lost weight slower than many. However, I continue to lose weight regularly, and am not feeling “deprived,” so I am okay with it. I have DEFINITELY been successful with keto!! I am a total of 80lbs down now in a little over a year and a half :)

      Remember, you don’t have to drown yourself in fat. Limit your carbs. Meet your protein goal. Then, eat fat to satiety. A common mistake I see many women make right off the bat is to try to eat a certain amount of fat… don’t do it! Eat to your protein, then just add fat until you’re full. Most of my meals are really simple: a meat and a vegetable with butter (steak with buttery broccoli, bunless cheeseburger with green beans, and so forth).

      Good luck!

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