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Fast & Easy Keto Yogurt Bowls

As I said back when I created flax almond pumpkin waffles, sometimes I get tired of bacon and eggs.  On those days I’ll make waffles or crepes or mix it up with my breakfast burritos.  But sometimes I’m not in the mood for a hot breakfast – I want something cool and refreshing.

So on those days, I make yogurt bowls.

Canadian Bacon and I avoided yogurt for almost our first month on keto.  Prior to starting the diet, I’d eaten Chobani greek yogurts on almost a daily basis.  We cruised the yogurt aisle at wally world but didn’t really find anything that wasn’t low fat and high carb.  And then I was like, “I wish I could just find full fat greek yogurt.”  Do you know how hard that is?  Almost every yogurt variety I’ve found is low fat.  Lame.

But at last I came upon Fage Classic, full of glorious, glorious fat.  This was a happy occurence because Fage is EASILY my favorite yogurt brand – I was just settling for the Chobani because I could always get them on sale.  So CB and I stocked up on some Fage and I got to work whipping together a filling yogurt bowl for us to breakfast on occasionally.



1/2c full fat greek yogurt
1/3c vanilla unsweetened almond milk (add more if you like your yogurt more soupy; I prefer mine thick)
1/2c raspberries
1/4c pecans or other nuts
1T chia seeds
sweetener to taste, if necessary (I use a half tablespoon of Torani French Vanilla syrup)


I feel like I don’t really need to even be giving directions here, but what the hell-

  1. Combine yogurt, milk, and sweetener. Mix until smooth.
  2. If you want your yogurt to have a thicker consistency, add your chia seeds now and allow it to sit in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes.
  3. Top with fresh fruit and nuts.  If you like your yogurt thinner, add the chia seeds at this point.
  4. Devour.

Feel free to use a different combination of nuts and fresh fruit.  Raspberries are my absolute favorite, as are pecans.  YMMV.  This would also be delicious with blueberries and almonds, for example.  Maybe you want to sprinkle it with sunflower seeds instead.  Go for it.  Once, I even used mandarin orange slices in it – carby as hell but it was my indulgence, it didn’t kick me out of ketosis, and it was delicious.  If you decide to do something similar, I won’t tell.

As far as meals go, this one is fairly high in carbs, topping out at 9 net.  But as long as you balance the rest of your meals, it’s not a deal-breaker.  It’s a good balance of fat and protein, and will keep you satiated for hours.  It’s desserty enough to make you feel like you’re indulging in luxury after a bad day.


Also, after eating these – maybe this is TMI – I always have a really good cleansing poop.  I guess it’s the probiotics in the yogurt working in conjunction with the high fiber chia seeds (which are also rich in omega-3s). It’s amazing.  If you’re plugged up, you should definitely give this a try.  It’s way tastier than Metamucil.

Enjoy!  And also, if you could, would you please Like my Facebook page?  I would be super grateful :)

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  1. Um, if you eat this you cant have any more carbs or you’re out of ketosis. Second, you’re not suppose to ever eat any simple sugars on keto unless you’re doing a carb-up.

    1. That is not true. This yogurt bowl has 8g of net carbs. If you’re doing super strict keto with less than 20g of carbs, that still leaves you 12g for the day. For people like me, who float higher (I usually eat around 30g, but sometimes go up to around 50), there’s even more wiggle room. This has never, ever kicked me out of ketosis. Yogurt is not a “simple sugar” as it is full of protein and fat. Simple sugars are predominantly carbohydrates that spike blood sugar.

  2. Thank you! I eat Chobani yogurt a couple days a week for lunch, but am trying to slowly move towards Keto eating. I wanted an alternative and this is great!

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